Cond'or Hat



The Montecristi weave is the finest range of hats known as “panama”. It is subtle, it exudes a pungent smell of straw and sulfur, it’s barely perceptible to the eye and almost translucent in the light. With an antique ivory color and well preserved, the Montecristi evokes the texture of a light and soft silk fabric.

To begin to tell you about this exciting tradition, the hats are woven standing up.  The weavers stand on a fork and a 3-legged wooden plinth, and with sharp nails they control the angle of the hat’s “plantilla” while a leather headband adjusts the weft.

The cool climate of the Pacific coast keeps the straw moist and favors weaving. However, on hot days the strands must be constantly moistened, or the weave must be suspended to continue under the coolness of the moon.

During the night, a blanket of canvas protects the hat from predatory insects. Above its perch, the weave will rest, overflowing with golden strands, like golden pearl hair, like a jewel, isn’t it?

Exactly!!… each hat is unique for its exquisite craftsmanship and today we can count only with our fingers the masters of a fine Montecristi.

After several months of weaving, the skilled hands of another artisan called “sealer” will correct the flaws in the weaving and he will embroider the hat brim to enhance it with shapes through smoking and charcoal ironing. Finally, an interior trimming and an exterior ribbon are placed, concluding this sublime creation, which constitutes a singular and exquisite work of art.

Text: Javier Ramos