Cond'or Hat




It’s simple!. The size corresponds to your head size in centimeters or inches. To find out, use a measuring tape and position it in the middle of the forehead and at the level of the back bump of the skull.

Small, medium, large, extra large, extra-extra large


For both. The classic model as well as other models are designed for both men and women. There are also models for women only. To see other models I invite you to contact us.

Yes. The authentic “panama” hat is made in Ecuador. Our brand COND’OR HAT was created and legally registered in 2008 with the SENADI (Trademark registration Institute).

Is the highest category of panamas.

These finest hats have a much more complex tissue that can take up to 6 months to weave a single hat draw.  Each hat is a work of art and no one is exactly like another. The price is suitable for this work, it is a fair remuneration for the artisanal work.

Do you need one?… for further information, please contact us to: condorhat@gmail.com

Fedora and Diamante model.


100% natural fiber. It is straw, extracted from a palm tree from Ecuador.

It’s the Ivory color. However, the most classic is white. Which one do you like the most?

Yes, you can fold the hat. But it depends on the weave. The finer the weave, the more times you can fold it.  Then more intact it will remain for life.


At the moment we only sell online. We deliver to Europe.

For France you can also contact us by mail: condorhat@gmail.com or via this link: condorhatshop.com


You must consider 3-4 working days at the destination country (delivered from Ecuador with DHL).


It depends on the weave quality and the quantity you are looking for. I invite you write us and specify your request by email: condorhat@gmail.com, We will contact you as soon as possible