Cond'or Hat


We give you some recommendations for the care of the hat:

  • Tray to take your hat from the brim or from the back of the crown. This is to prevent to damage the front of the crown.
  • Do not immerse your hats in the water. In case of rain, do not expose your hat. Rememberthe hat are made of an organic straw and it will return to its original form.
  • When not in use, be sure to place the hat in a humidity /dust free area, this will keep the qualityof the fibers and the form of your panama hat in great conditions.
  • In humid areas, If possible, place the hat it in a plastic bag (recommended)
  • If you live in an extremely dry environment.   Then you can sprinkle with water to avoid drying the straw

  • If the hat gets dirty with a non-chemical element, you could try to clean it as follows:

    • Submerge a piece of soft cloth in a recipient with water (warm) and liquid soap (if necessary).
    • Next, rub the affected area delicately.
    • Leave to dry in the sun. (Do not use dryer)